Season 1

1: Exodus
2: The Unholy Alliance
3: Berbils
4: The Slaves of Castle Plun-Darr
5: Pumm-Ra
6: The Terror of Hammerhand
7: Trouble with Time
8: The Tower of Traps
9: The Garden of Delights
10: Mandora: The Evil Chaser
11: The Ghost Warrior
12: The Doomgaze
13: Lord of the Snows
14: The Spaceship Beneath the Sands
15: The Time Capsule
16: The Fireballs of Plun-Darr
17: All That Glitters
18: Spitting Image
19: Mongor
20: Return to Thundera
21: Dr. Dometone
22: The Astral Prison
23: The Crystal Queen
24: Safari Joe
25: Snarf Takes Up the Challenge
26: Sixth Sense
27: The Thunder-Cutter
28: The Wolfrat
29: Feliner: Part 1
30: Feliner: Part 2
31: Mandora and the Pirates
32: Return of the Driller
33: Dimension Doom
34: Queen of 8 Legs
35: Sword in a Hole
36: The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin
37: Lion-O's Anointment First Day: Trial of Strength
38: The Demolisher
39: Monkian's Bargain
40: Tight Squeeze
41: The Micrits
42: Lion-O's Anointment Second Day: The Trial of Speed
43: The Rock Giant
44: Jackalman's Rebellion
45: Turmagar the Tuska
46: Lion-O's Anointment Third Day: Trial of Cunning
47: The Mumm-Ra Berbil
48: Mechanical Plague
49: Trapped
50: Lion-O's Anointment Fourth Day: The Trial of Mind Power
51: Excalibur
52: Secret of the Ice King
53: Good and Ugly
54: The Transfer
55: Divide and Conquer
56: Dream Master
57: Out of Sight
58: The Mountain
59: The Super Power Potion
60: Eye of the Beholder
61: Lion-O's Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil
62: The Trouble with Thunderkittens
63: Mumm-Rana
64: The Shifter
65: Fond Memories

Season 2

1: ThunderCats Ho!: Part 1
2: ThunderCats Ho!: Part 2
3: ThunderCats Ho!: Part 3
4: ThunderCats Ho!: Part 4
5: ThunderCats Ho!: Part 5
6: Mumm-Ra Lives: Part 1
7: Mumm-Ra Lives: Part 2
8: Mumm-Ra Lives: Part 3
9: Mumm-Ra Lives: Part 4
10: Mumm-Ra Lives: Part 5
11: Catfight
12: Psych Out
13: The Mask of Gorgon
14: The Mad Bubbler
15: Together We Stand
16: Ravage Island
17: Time Switch
18: The Sound Stones
19: Day of the Eclipse
20: Sideswipe
21: Mumm-Rana's Belt
22: Hachiman's Honor
23: Runaways
24: Hair of the Dog
25: Vultureman's Revenge
26: ThunderCubs: Part 1
27: ThunderCubs: Part 2
28: ThunderCubs: Part 3
29: ThunderCubs: Part 4
30: ThunderCubs: Part 5
31: Totem of Dera
32: Chain of Loyalty
33: Crystal Canyon
34: The Telepathy Beam
35: Exile Isle
36: Key to Thundera
37: Return of the ThunderCubs
38: The Formula
39: Locket of Lies
40: Bracelet of Power
41: The Wild Workout
42: The Thunderscope
43: The Jade Dragon
44: The Circus Train
45: The Last Day
46: Return to Thundera: Part 1
47: Return to Thundera: Part 2
48: Return to Thundera: Part 3
49: Return to Thundera: Part 4
50: Return to Thundera: Part 5
51: Leah
52: Frogman
53: The Heritage
54: Screwloose
55: Malcar
56: Helpless Laughter
57: Cracker's Revenge
58: The Mossland Monster
59: Ma-Mutt's Confusion
60: Shadowmaster
61: Swan Song
62: Touch of Amortus
63: The Zaxx Factor
64: Well of Doubt
65: The Book of Omens
Season 1 Episode 52
Secret of the Ice King
Original Air Date: Tuesday, December 03, 1985

Official Synopsis

A giant ICE KING is accidentally released from his glacial prison and attacks the Castle of the Snowmen, defeating the SNOW KNIGHT. The SNOW KNIGHT sends SNOWMEOW to ask the THUNDERCATS for help. After a series of confrontations and misunderstandings, it transpires that the ICE KING is searching for an egg in which his one-time Princess is trapped. When he finds it, he melts away, entering the egg and reuniting himself with his Princess.


The bonds of friendship, sworn by the Code of Thundera, lead LION-0 to aid the Snow Knight against a legendary and ancient figure, the Ice King. The Ice King is driven by a primal urge, and the intensity of his drive compels Lion-O and the Snow Knight to recognize it as justified and positive. They decide to help him rather than block his intent and, creating a truce, they help him attain the egg he seeks. Gratified by the blissful vision he sees in the egg and by the memory of his past love, the Ice King expires, fulfilled in his quest. In Sometimes our ability to empathize with others results in the acknowledgment that their needs and goals at a is particular time are very important and necessary to them. In some instances, it is a worthwhile choice to set aside our own preoccupations and help them attain what they need. True friendship means at times we sacrifice our own petty needs to help others, especially when they are dealing with more valued goals.